sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2011

Edição número 1

É com grande prazer que iniciamos o programa Noise á Noite.
Hoje iremos nos focar numa editora que em muito tem contribuído para a divulgação de um género musical (Field Recording) que aqui nos é muito querido.
A impulsive Habitat é um sub grupo da já famosa Test Tube net label dirigida pelo Pedro Leitão que também têm dado um contributo imenso para a música de experimentação.
Ficam aqui os destaques para Claudio Curciotti, David Velez, James Wyness, Cristopher Mcfall entre outros, tudo isto disponível através da Impulsive Habitat.


Outskirts is the sound of the outer boundary of the conurbation and the lines that lead to that edge.
-Michael Trommer

The Tree gives the impression of a massive installation in which microphones have been left open for long durations in various outdoor spaces, attached to built structures such as fences and mountain huts, then all sources fed into the same listening space.
-James Wyness
DARIUS CIUTA - L-C (loop coil)

A coil is a series of loops. A coiled coil is a structure where the coil itself is in turn also looping, these objects are used commonly and are very important.
-Darius Ciuta quoting Wikipedia

Second collaborative effort by Christopher McFall and David Vélez, this time taking a new direction into the resonances and emotional qualities of a certain amount of materials; conjuring up images of old and decrepitude, they created a ghost-like journey into the mundane where a broken record player or a wooden box might sound like a chamber trio or viceversa.
CLAUDIO CURCIOTTI - Indica: Sounds from India

Claudio Curciotti travels the world recording sounds that explore the loudness of contemporary world and its relation to the many cultural aspects of different societies. On "Indica: Sounds from India" (his second release with IH) he explores the loudness produced by human activity, machines and
environments on cities such as New Delhi, Mumbay and Varanasi.

Funza was composed using sounds captured in an industrial production plant. This work deals with the sound phenomena occurring on the interaction between industrial production machines and the operators.

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