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Edição número 18

Carlos Santos.
Convidado do Noise a Noite, entre conversas de amigos ficamos a descobrir pérolas como o projecto V.I.T.R.I.O.L editado em K7 nos anos 90.
Falamos de tudo o que anda em redor deste artista (ou pelo menos no tempo escasso que temos), das suas múltiplas facetas dos seus múltiplos projectos, e do actual panorama da música de experimentação.
A não perder este programa em podcast.

"Carlos Santos (1967, Lisboa, Portugal) microphones, piezo elements, digital electronics, computer, maxmsp, small resonant objects and spaces.
Studied painting with António Sena (Ar.Co, 1988 -1992), worked in advertising for a period of time, but nowadays works as graphic designer in corporate identity, packaging, web and audio-video production atSpoonDesign.com.pt. or as a freelancer.
Started sound/music activities in 1989 when formed the VITRIOL project with Paulo Raposo, a laboratory for experimental sound actions, first with studio work followed in 1994 by live output, mainly live electronics, acousmatic music with a improvised or graphic score oriented approach. He uses the laptop with software written in MaxMsp, small resonant objects, microphones and piezo elements to produce a music that deals with space and its sound characteristics. Interests in “soundscape” and field recordings are a huge part of his work, for piece preparation or just for archival purposes, Always recording, events, spaces or music. Electro-acoustic, multi-channel acusmatic music and radio pieces.
Presents himself solo in site-specific audio-video works, or in duos with João Silva (video, sound, photography), “Inhabitaded Spaces” with Ricardo Guerreiro (computer, mics), “Venús Pistolletto” with Emídio Buchinho (elec. guitar, mics, objects), trios like ZNGR electro-acoustic trio with Carlos "Zíngaro and Emídio Buchinho or a trio close related to the “near silence” aesthetics with Ernesto Rodrigues (violin) and Guilherme Rodrigues (cello), which has already recorded several CD's, always with at least one international improviser as guest. Member of several formations, “(Des)Integração” laptop ensemble (2001-2003), "Naja" ensemble, “Suspensão” septep, VGO - Variable Geometry Orchestra. His musical aproach to diferent contexts difers from case to case, it could be more electro-acoustic, in "near silence" aesthetics, where the atention to detail and structure is"

Carlos Santos

Podcast noise a noite

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